Gamify whatever

Create engaging experiences with the Retro World Engine

Endless possibilities

From onboarding processes in companies to product tours of specific branches through simple and friendly seasonal events: the possibilities of the Retro World Engine are endless.

Create infinite possibilities with a flag system

Tell your own story

Through some conditions, we will make the game environment change in response to player actions. For example, an area might open based on whether the player has a key or has already spoken with another character. This will provide a unique environment that reflects the player's journey.

How to create your own story through the Retro Engine


Directional Input

Move using the arrow keys (desktop) or screen buttons (mobile, tablet).

World Interaction

Freely interact with other characters or items in the world to gather information.

Sprites & Animations

The engine efficiently handles the use of sprites and animations.

Entry/Exit Points

The world is not limited to four walls. Easily exit one place and enter another.

Flag System

An integrated, simple yet powerful flag system is in place. Create your app with conditions (e.g., "x" will not be available until "y" happens).

Collision Detection

No one likes walking through walls. The engine includes a collision detection system to prevent this.

Missions & Inventory

Create missions and sub-missions with the integrated system and keep track of your inventory.

Save Data

The engine includes a data saving system, allowing you to save game progress.

Custom Start Screen

Customize the start screen with your logo, title, and description.

Basic SFX Sounds

The engine features a basic SFX sound system for in-game audio.

Battle Module (in progress)

A battle module is under development, enabling you to create battles with custom rules.

Multiplayer (in the future)

A multiplayer module is planned, allowing you to see other players on the screen.

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